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Integrity and Credibility

Tech-Docs has more than 20 years experience of working with leading cutting-edge IT companies and multinational enterprises in technical production environments. You have the peace of mind knowing that we have the skills to resolve a wide variety of technical and documentation issues.


Our mission is to enhance an organisation's business efficiency and competitiveness using proven technologies, professional methodologies and practical industry knowledge. By specialising in deploying mission critical information and web applications, we ensure our customers do it right the first time.


Our vision is to be the best Technical Documentation Solution Provider in Ireland. Our full range of high quality cost effective web, computer security and documentation solutions will give you the competitive advantage and added value for your business across a whole new market segment.


Competitive Advantage

Why use our products and services? - High quality website products using sophisticated graphics and fonts, the best quality products and services at the best value.


Whether you require a single procedure documented, a documentation suite for a major software release, web hosting, a corporate presence website, or turnkey solutions for e-commerce or Intranet websites, Tech-Docs does it all.

The quality of our products and services has been built through the experience of Tech-Docs to deliver a wide range of current market web Hyperlink to Technical Solutions Portfolio page and documentation projects Hyperlink to Documentation Solutions Portfolio page.

We give you what you need to market your business successfully on the Internet. We build sites that are not only original, attractive and easy to navigate, but increase your business sales. We also deliver clear concise complete documents that enable your staff and company to do business more effectively.


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