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Business Profile

Tech-Docs is an Irish IT company established by Gordon Sidaway, an experienced technical documentation consultant. He has previously worked with leading cutting-edge IT companies and multinational enterprises in technical production environments, both in Ireland and overseas, for more than 20 years.

Company History

The company first developed the Documentation Solutions division to meet the increasing demand from Irish based national and international IT companies for outsourced documentation solutions.

We have continued to extend our range of services to satisfy our customers’ needs and to develop the company further. The Technical Solutions division is testimony to this.

We now provide an extensive range of creative technical and documentation IT solutions services to corporate and private clients in Ireland and worldwide.


Customer Relationships

We pride ourselves on our proactive approach to customer development. We do this by identifying and researching prospective clients with integrity that are often leaders in their field, and then by developing and delivering customised solutions to these customers.

We continue to nurture these relationships and provide appropriate product support.


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