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About Domain Names

The domain name is the part of the website address, or Uniform Resource Locator (URL), that follows “www.”. For example, "tech-docs". Your ideal domain name must be short, easy to remember and describes your business.

Choosing a Domain Type

The domain name type is the final part of the domain name. For example, "com". The type of domain name you choose tells your visitors more about your website. The extension can identify the country, or the type of business.

Most extensions are .com. However, it may be more advantageous to identify your company as Irish with a .ie extension.

The .com domain names are the most popular domain names in the world. They are used internationally by businesses and individuals alike. Many .com domains are already taken. Some people therefore choose .net, .org, .biz, or .info.
A .ie domain name can be registered under the following categories: Personal Name, Corporate Name, Registered Business Name, Trade Mark Name, Publication Name, Unincorporated Association Name, State Agency Name, Educational Institution Name, Politician's Name, Personal Trading Name, Discretionary Name. Companies outside Ireland must provide evidence of business in Ireland, such as invoices.

The domains described in the following table may also be registered.

..• A domain name intended for use by academic establishments. For example, universities and third level education colleges.
..• A newer alternative to the popular .com domain. They are designed as an international domain for businesses. .biz domains are available for you to buy.
..• The domain name for England, Wales and Scotland. If you are planning to do business with England, Wales and Scotland this domain could be for you.
..• For Europe, or the European Union. If you are planning to do business in Europe, this domain could be for you. It indicates that you have a European presence and this helps to build confidence in your company.
..• Originally an abbreviation of network designed for Internet service providers. However, they have become a popular alternative to international .com domains for businesses and individuals alike. .net domains are available for you to buy.
..• A popular internationally recognised domain for organisations, clubs and charities. .org domains are available for you to buy.
..• A newer domain designed as an alternative to .com for businesses in the United States. If you are planning to do business with the United States this domain could be for you.

The .ie domain name extension is carefully controlled to ensure that it is only available to Irish based companies, sole traders and organisations.


Domain Name Reservation

Companies are well advised to not hesitate to register and secure their ideal domain name before they are acquired by someone else.

..• All domain names are subject to availability.
..• Companies are not automatically entitled to register their company name as a domain name.
..• Your ideal domain name may be desirable to another individual, company, or your competitor.

Tech-Docs register and administer domain names on behalf of our clients. We can also advise you on the most suitable domain name for your business and reserve it for you.

Domain name reservation is available at our most competitive rates and without obligation to buy hosting or website development.

Free Options and Features

The following panel displays the options that are available to you when you register a domain name.

..• Just register and park (keep the domain reserved).
..• Register and setup free redirection to another web site.
..• Register for an Email account.
..• Register and setup a full hosting account for a web site and email accounts under the domain name.

All domains come with optional free forwarding of all web traffic to an existing web site and all Email to an existing Email address. This service can be upgraded at anytime to a full web and / or Email hosting.

..• Web Forwarding (multiple types).
..• Unlimited Email Forwarding.
..• Catch-All Email Forwarding.


Tech-Docs is privileged to be a domain name registration reseller and is proud to offer probably the cheapest domain names in Ireland.

For a limited time, Tech-Docs offer a free domain name with your website and waive standard administration fees. For more click contact. Hyperlink to Contact page


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