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Effective, Affordable Solutions

From simple starter sites to large e-commerce enterprises, we have a range of hosting solutions to meet any e-business requirement. Our complete hosting solutions are reliable and secure, yet cost effective.

Each package can be customised so you have the level of service that you want without having to pay for the extras you don't require.

We also offer a full range of add-on services so that your business has the most secure and cost effective solution.


Throughout the company, we enjoy the reliability of DELL servers, desktops and laptops. Therefore, we gladly recommend DELL Computers.

We offer affordable, dependable Internet presence on resilient hosting service on either shared or dedicated servers. With scaleable hosting solutions and personalized customer service we can meet the needs of your business.


Tech-Docs is privileged to be a web hosting reseller and is proud to offer probably the cheapest web hosting in Ireland.

Economy (ECO)
..• 50 Mb Space, 5 E-mail Accounts
Professional (PRO) ..• 100 MB Space, 10 E-mail Accounts
Enterprise (ENT) ..• 250 MB Space, 20 E-mail Accounts

Special Offer

For a limited time, Tech-Docs offer free web hosting with your website and waive standard administration fees.


Web Hosting Package Details

The following table displays the details of our web hosting packages.

For further information, click on the features highlighted in white text, click again to close.

For further information on any of our hosting services, please do not hesitate to contact us. Hyperlink to Contact page


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