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Our website expertise provides a full-service website design and development services solution, delivering unique professional websites using our world-class designed templates.

You work one-on-one with a highly trained website design professional to convert your business needs into a website specification.

..• Save printing costs (offer electronic brochures).
..• Save postage and packaging costs.
..• Decrease sales response times.
..• Increase staff productivity by reducing routine phone queries.
..• Increase sales prospects, even when your office is closed.

Unique Presence

Our web designers will design and develop an online presence for you as unique as your business that is visually appealing, content rich and user-friendly.

Whether you want to gain advantage in an online market, communicate and sell more effectively with your customers or simply boost your profile we can forge an online communication strategy that gets you the results you want.

Concept Development

We are a company that delivers innovative and eye-catching web design. We do this through forming a solid and reciprocal creative team with our clients by listening to our clients’ own invaluable insights and viewpoints.

Tech-Docs work with the client in planning the strategy of the web site to define the high-level description of a web site's content and features.

The goal of concept development is to build the theory and ideas that drive a web site's themes and functions.


A well-designed web site not only attracts more customers but also strengthens your brand name. It does this by projecting an immediately identifiable image of your company through website devices.

Effective use of website devices employs a combination of logo and website banner design, and themes and colours. This gives high impact corporate branding and identity that is immediately identifiable and unique. This we do in harmony with your existing promotional material and corporate identity. If you prefer, we can create a completely new identity for you.

With our solid experience in designing quality web sites, Tech-Docs have helped many clients successfully establish company images on the Internet that inspire confidence.


Web Design

Tech-Docs incorporate innovative design, information architecture, usability and multimedia components in building web sites. We have graphic design expertise to ensure that the presentation of pages with effective use of text, white spaces, attractive images, animation, video and audio.

With our knowledge of graphic design, information architecture and the rules of website usability, we ensure that the user experience is enjoyable and convenient so that visitors return.

Design Features

Nowadays, people desire more and more dynamic web sites and hence web site development becomes more and more complicated. To enhance the dynamic visual effects of a website, we use advanced technologies to develop multimedia components, interactive functions such as user search boxes and online forms.

..• Rotating images
..• Enlarge and reduce images
..• Pop up windows
..• Online contact forms
..• Location maps
..• Search boxes

Advanced Features

To enhance the dynamic visual effects of a website, we use advanced technologies to develop multimedia components, interactive functions such as online video and online catalogues.

Online video
Demand is increasing for video delivery over the Internet. We offer video capture, editing, and the skills to incorporate video into web sites and CD-ROMs.

Online catalogue
The Internet is the perfect platform for you to present a product catalogue to take orders online. You can display and sell your products and services 24 x 7, 365 days a year and be a step ahead of your competitors.

Tech-Docs can develop and deploy a secure and a stable eCommerce strategy.

..• Quick downloading time.
..• User-friendly navigation.
..• Professionally displayed product range and images.
..• Core products highlighted.
..• Easy to use purchase function.
..• Secure credit card facility and reliable payment gateway.
..• Simple backend admin system for automated order processing.


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