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Tech-Docs are a one stop shop for computer and Internet security, backup and data recovery, and computer maintenance.

We supply and install new computer products and accessories from the worlds' leading manufacturers.

We also troubleshoot and resolve configuration issues with computer hardware and software applications.

PC and Internet Security

Running a standard Microsoft operating system on your PC does not offer sufficient protection from computer viruses or spyware. You could be leaving yourself open to software attacking your Internet dialer, or a hacker taking control of your PC.

Because of their complexity Microsoft operating systems have vulnerabilities that make them easily susceptible to attack. The data on your PC is valuable. Don't wait until it is too late.

Don't let spyware get the upper hand!
As spyware accumulates on a computer, system performance can grind to a dismal halt. Spyware also introduces the possibility that sensitive data may be collected and sent elsewhere.

You will be surprised how quickly and inexpensively you can have PC protection and peace of mind.

..• Computer programs that attempt to identify, thwart and eliminate computer viruses and other malicious software (malware).
Firewall: ..An IT security device configured to control data traffic between computer networks. For example, to permit, or deny certain PC and Internet connections.
Anti-Spyware: ..Spyware is computer software that collects personal information about users without their informed consent.


The following table displays details of our hardware services.

Desktop / PC:
..• Supply new equipment
..• Install
..• Configure
..• Maintain
Laptop / Notebook:
Computer ancillaries e.g. hard drives and printers:


The following table displays details of our software services.

Operating systems: ..• Supply software
..• Install
..• Configure
..• Maintain
Computer programs: 



Slow start-computer up, slow system response times, stalls and crashes are typical problems encountered by computer users.

Tech-Docs can resolve these issues, optimise and improve the performance of your computer through appropriate solutions.

Disk Cleanup:
..• Delete temporary files and removing redundant programs. Removing junk data from your hard disks and recovered disk space.
Optimise Startup: ..• Configure only the essential programs to be launched at system startup.
Registry Cleaner: ..Remove invalid entries and references from your system.
Registry Defragmentation: ..Correct physical errors and defragment the registry.
System Optimisation: ..Check your system for settings that are slowing it down, and accelerate your Internet connection.
Hard Drive Defragmentation: ..Reduce the amount of fragmentation in the file system and physically reorganise the contents of the disk to store the pieces of each file close together and contiguously.
Hard Drive Error Checking: ..Check sectors on your hard drive for physical damage.
Clean Hard Drive: ..Rejuvenate a computer so it works like new. The process works like this: Backup personal data files, electronically wipe the hard drive securely overwriting and destroying all data on the physical drive, reinstall operating system, and reinstall personal data files.


The process of making copies of data so that these additional copies may be used to restore the original after a data loss event.

..• To restore a computer to an operational state following a disaster (called disaster recovery).
..• To restore small numbers of files after they have been accidentally deleted or corrupted.

Data Recovery

The process of salvaging data from damaged, failed, corrupted or inaccessible storage media when it cannot be accessed normally.

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