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The Technical Solutions division provides a full range of Internet services to develop your website project from the concept live website. We also offer ongoing support and technical assistance, to maximise your investment.

Our Computer Services include the supply of computers, hardware and software, computer and Internet security to protect against vulnerabilities, and troubleshooting services to resolve countless issues.

Please review our services below and explore the appropriate pages. If you are interested in a related service, do contact us, we would be delighted to help. Hyperlink to Contact page



Tech-Docs offers the following services:

..• Domain name registration
..• Website hosting
..• Email services
Website development: ..• Custom design
..• Content development
..• Coding
..• Image optimisation
Graphic design: ..• Logo design
..• Website banner design
..• Corporate branding
eCommerce development: ..• Product catalogues
Promotion: ..• Search engine optimisation
..• Marketing
..• Maintenance
..• Building online presence
Computer services: ..• Anti-Virus
..• Firewall
..• Anti-Spyware
..• Data recovery
..• Resolving configuration issues
..• PC troubleshooting
..• Networking
..• Hardware


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