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Features of Outsourcing

Advantages of outsourcing

When you begin to weigh-up the outsourcing solution, it soon becomes apparent that the advantages are far greater than the disadvantages.

Consider the costs associated with your permanent staff. When you outsource you do not pay for recruitment, induction, training, a computer, office space, sick pay, nor holiday pay.

To put it simply, when you outsource there are no overheads, you pay only for results.


The reasons for choosing outsourcing vary from company to company and month to month.

..• Meeting deadlines.
..• Adding support during peak activity when internal resources are stretched.
..• Replacing permanent staff that are allocated to special project work.
..• Providing continuity during change. For example, as part of the change management process during the period of introduction, training and handover for new operational procedures and techniques.



Benefits of Outsourcing

Lower costs and increased productivity

It is apparent that many organisations today are making the decision to outsource. Through outsourcing, companies have the ability to develop competitive strategies that improve their financial positions in the ever-competitive global marketplace.

Outsourcing is successful in increasing product quality and/or substantially lowering firm and consumer costs. This increases the quality to cost ratio. Because outsourcing allows for lower costs, productivity increases.

Focus on core competencies

Some of the major advantages that today’s organisations can expect to obtain through outsourcing include the ability to purchase intellectual capital, to focus on core competencies, to lower cost, and to better anticipate future costs.

Many organisations view outsourcing overall as a strong business tactic that ultimately is a superior economical approach to developing products and services.

Are there any other benefits?

Through outsourcing, Tech-Docs can deliver technical documentation with a high return on your investment.

..• Enhancing the profile of your organisation.
..• Improving the efficiency of your users and your customers’ users.
..• Cutting your support costs by reducing the demand on your staff for troubleshooting.
..• Motivating and improving staff morale.
..• Increasing the value of your products and services.



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