Documentation Development Process

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Documentation Process

The following sequence outlines the process of documentation development:


..1. Plan – objectives, human resources, hardware resources, software resources, physical resources, procedures, and time.

..2. Research – is conducted at an early stage in the cycle to understand both the subject matter and the audience. Researching the audience allows information to be geared and relevant to their specific needs using the appropriate technical, or non-technical language that the audience can easily understand.

..3. Writing – can start with structuring the set of documents as soon as information begins to be gathered.

..4. Review – either technically by subject matter experts and by peers according to the development stage.

..5. Edit – documents to incorporate review comments, then write, review and edit iteratively according to the development stage.

..6. Quality Control – Test the documentation for usability, and prroofread using a procedural checklist before delivering the final solution.

..7. Update – in order to keep documentation current and the documentation effective.


Customisable Framework

The development of any organized and well written document must first begin with a structured development process.

The Documentation Development Process is a customisable framework. From this framework the procedure for planning, preparing and developing your project can begin.


The range and format of hard copy and online deliverables is continually extended using standard industry tools.

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