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Corporate Solutions

The strength of Tech-Docs lies in providing professional technical documentation solutions that are tailored to the requirements of business clients.

The high standard of project preparation, information gathering, and the presentation of information are integral components of our high quality service.

How does Tech-Docs work?

Whether working in-house or off-site, Tech-Docs can seamlessly integrate and work in harmony as part of your existing project teams on cutting-edge products and applications.

Tech-Docs is committed to developing clear, concise, complete and consistent writing that is user orientated and task focused. Key to this is the academic study of the principles of the technical communication industry and skilful practical application of these principles through our Documentation Development Process. Hyperlink to Development Process page

Our customisable process enables the fast and efficient generation of well structured, usable technical documents. Tech-Docs develops effective communication products and solutions for even the most complex applications.

Using our methodology Tech-Docs successfully delivers world-class product, service and task documentation. Hyperlink to Products page



Personal Solutions

The Personal Solutions Tech-Docs offers are designed for private clients. However, they are not exclusive and appeal equally to business clients.

The Personal Solutions described in the following links are an extension of the technical and documentation solutions that are provided to business clients.


At significant moments during career progression it is necessary to present your portfolio. For example as part of the application for a training course to study for a professional qualification, or enrollment as a mature student at third level education.

A portfolio is an invaluable resource at other times too. For example, at the interview for your next career progression. Producing your portfolio will always say what you didn't say. Remember, a portfolio is not restricted in length or scope in the way that a CV is.

A professional portfolio is evidence of your ability to plan, organise and communicate.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

It is wise to keep your CV updated if you are in the job market, or not. Tech-Docs can reflect your skills and experience to appropriately present your first impression.

Tech-Docs can work with you to determine whether a Chronological or Functional CV style will achieve the right impact.

Cover Letter

Drawing on your individual benefits, Tech-Docs can help you stand out from the crowd and win that interview.



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