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Customer Relationship Management - Graham Technology



Graham Technology is a multinational that develop and market Customer Relationship Management (CRM) products. Customers include AIB, BT, Lombard and Ulster, Scottish Power and TSB.

The GT-X software platform enables organizations to rapidly deploy their business processes across multiple, customer-facing communication channels including the Contact Centre and the Web.

Contact Centre is a Java CRM business tool developed in proprietary GT-X v7.


Knowledge was gained in Java Script development programming in the GT-X development environment and the product suite prior to conducting a peer review of the GT-X7 Developer Guide.

The documentation for Contact Centre began from software specifications in parallel with the product development. The Contact Centre Installation Guide and User Guide draft were written as the product emerged. This was done through liaison with software architects on-site at the Leeds and Glasgow UK offices and using FrameMaker+SGML and Visio.

Further peer reviews and editing, and PDF and HTML transformations were performed, as well as contributions made to the corporate style guide.


Testimonial 1

"The work that Gordon produced was of high quality and was delivered to tight deadlines.

Gordon gelled well with the team and came up to speed quickly with our technologies. Gordon demonstrated a strong technical ability, as our core product is technically complex. Gordon writes well and delivered against any task assigned to him. Gordon is enthusiastic and committed with a professional attitude and friendly manner.

I have no hesitation in recommending Gordon for technical writing services."

Fiona Graham, Managing Director, Graham Technology (Ireland) Ltd

Testimonial 2

"Gordon had sole responsibility for documenting a new project, and proved good to complete the tasks assigned to him.

The project was technically demanding and Gordon gained the necessary understanding of our in-house development platform. He coped well with the difficulties of gathering information from a multinational development team. Gordon also proved a valuable quality reviewer, and performed many peer reviews.

I have found Gordon to be a pleasant and able team member. On my experience of working with Gordon, and also having received very positive feedback on his performance from the development team, I would recommend Gordon wherever his strong writing and technical skills can be applied."

Francesca de Freitas, Publications Team Leader, Graham Technology (Ireland) Ltd

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