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Geographic Information System - eSpatial Solutions



eSpatial Solutions is a world leader in Online Spatial Processing systems. iSMART enables the creation of high performance spatial applications that seamlessly integrate into the IT infrastructure.


From examining existing practices, new corporate documentation lifecycle procedures were designed and implemented.

Time on-site was optimised by working with the in-house developers and consultants to train and tutor the Subject Matter Experts in the new procedures to produce initial draft content.

User and developer documentation was developed from these drafts to accompany the major release of the eSpatial GIS flagship product, iSMART, a client-server Oracle v9 database suite.




"Gordon reviewed existing documentation, created a documentation development lifecycle, and implemented new corporate documentation procedures. He also tutored SMEs to produce initial draft content and to use a documentation style guide.
The user and developer documentation accompanied the major software release of the eSpatial flagship product."

David Geraghty, VP of Professional Services, eSpatial Solutions

Sample documents

eSpatial iSMART Explorer User Guide
eSpatial iSMART Editor User Guide eSpatial iSMART Java Developer Guide
eSpatial iSMART Web Developer Guide  

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