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Defence - British Aerospace



On September 26, 1985 the British and Saudi Arabian governments signed the Al-Yamamah contract, with British Aerospace Systems (BAE Systems) as prime contractor. The contract involves the supply of Tornado strike and air defence aircraft and services.

The Al-Yamamah deals are valued at anything up to £20Bn and continue to provide a large percentage of BAE Systems' profits. The Al-Yamamah contract remains Britain's largest ever export agreement. It is valued at up to £20Bn and currently employs 5,000 people in Saudi Arabia.


The work for BAE Systems was deeply involved with establishing the Tornado Geographic Support Team and Training Department to set-up a digital mapping facility, as part of a large overseas customer service contract.

Establishing the Tornado Geographic Support Team involved training, supervising and supporting 5 expatriate staff and 12 foreign nationals in digital data production. As well as liaising with the Computer Manager and Field Service Engineers to diagnose faults.

Establishing the Training Department involved developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), training material, prior to writing and presenting a structured 6-month classroom-training course in digital data production for a Geographic Information System (GIS). By tutoring and coordinating Subject Matter Experts a small team was built to assist in the development of SOP's and the following training material: student handbook, training lesson plans, theoretical and practical exercises, assessments and training reports.

This work was part of the Al-Yamamah customer service contract to supply a GIS database. In this customer facing technical production environment, good working relationships were developed with the Saudis, particularly during the Gulf conflict.


Testimonial 1

"Gordon worked for my team for six years (located at the Military Survey Department, Riyadh) which produces digital mapping products in support of Tornado Aircraft.

Gordon's duties during this period included technical writing, training, production work and product research and development.

He, at all times, discharged his duties in an industrious and professional manner.

Gordon is an intelligent man whose character enables him to work within a team or provide supervision to best effect.

I would therefore have no hesitation in recommending Gordon to any prospective company."

Michael Kerr, Manager, Tornado Geographic Support Team, British Aerospace

Testimonial 2

"Over the past six years I have found Gordon to be extremely conscientious and he approaches all his tasks with professionalism and enthusiasm.

Gordon was asked to oversee a small section that had been tasked with writing a series of lesson plans for the Saudi Non-Commissioned Officers. This was followed by giving a six month training course, consisting of classroom lectures, practical demonstrations and a final written examination.

This course was very successful and was further evidence of Gordon's professional approach to work.

Gordon is respected by the whole workforce. I have no reservations in recommending Gordon to any company."

Anthony Coughlan, DEV Supervisor, Tornado Geographic Support Team, British Aerospace

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