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e-Security - Baltimore Technologies



Baltimore Technologies developed security products and services to enable companies to develop secure systems for e-business, the Internet and mobile commerce. Its products include a wide range of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) systems, wireless e-security solutions, cryptographic tool-kits, security applications and hardware cryptographic devices.

Baltimore's e-security technology enables companies to verify the identity of who they are doing business with and securely manage the resources and information that users can access on open networks. Many of the world's leading organizations in Finance and Government have deployed Baltimore's e-security technology to enable e-business over fixed and wireless networks.

UniCERT is a certificate management system. It provides authentication and non-repudiation facilities for email, Web banking, online trading and virtual private networks.

KeyTools Telepathy m-Sign is a digital signature toolkit for m-commerce. It proves user identity and integrity of data being exchanged. It processes digital signatures generated on mobile phones and PDAs.


Edited user, developer, troubleshooting and reference guides; API and readme files; installation and release notes for UNICERT and KeyTools Telepathy m-Sign product suites.

Further peer reviews and editing, and PDF and HTML transformations were performed. Records were updated in the single source document database, Perforce; and Oracle v8.0.5 and proprietary software was also installed and configured.



"Gordon worked on the following documents at Baltimore Technologies:

  • • KeyTools Telepathy m-Sign v5.0 Documentation Plan

  • • KeyTools Telepathy m-Sign v5.0 Installation Notes

  • • KeyTools Telepathy m-Sign v5.0 Release Notes

  • • KeyTools Telepathy m-Sign v5.0 Developer's Guide

  • • UniCERT Advanced Registration Module v2.0 Release Notes

  • • UniCERT Advanced Registration Module v2.0 Developer's Guide

  • • UniCERT Certificate Renewal Module v1.0 Documentation Plan

  • • UniCERT Certificate Renewal Module v1.0 User's Guide

He followed our documentation process: creating documents based on our templates; writing new content; editing previous versions and SME's content; and using our writing style conventions."

Technical Documentation Manager, Baltimore Technologies

Sample documents

Baltimore Technologies KeyTools Telepathy m-Sign Java Edition Installation Notes Baltimore Technologies KeyTools Telepathy m-Sign Java Edition Developers Guide
Baltimore Technologies KeyTools Telepathy m-Sign Java Edition Release Notes Baltimore Technologies UniCERT ARM Dev Guide
Baltimore Technologies UniCERT ARM User Guide  

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