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Online Recruitment -



Founded in 1995, is Ireland's number one recruitment website.

The independent auditors, ABC Electronic, confirm generate almost 7 million page impressions per month from 500,000 visits per month by 258,000 different jobseekers.

At the time of writing, has headquarters in Dublin and offices in Cork and Galway, as well as sister sites in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Recent awards include Golden Spider 2003 and 2004 for Online Recruitment Website in 2003 and 2004, and CareerXroads 2003 for one of the 50 best recruitment websites worldwide.


Using the software architecture tools of SQL Enterprise Manager and Query Analyser, the relational databases that drive the and websites were interrogated.

To develop complementary Entity-Relationship diagrams, data models were created of the databases using Visio for Enterprise Architects.

This database interrogation and data modelling developed knowledge and understanding of the structure of the databases. Reference Guides were written for the and developers, based on the acquired knowledge of the internal structure and processes.

Knowledge of VB.NET was gained prior to documenting the ASP.NET source code using Visual Studio.



" Gordon implemented a large project to document software which had already been written and also introduce documentation procedures for subsequent software development.

Gordon displayed an exemplary work ethic often working independent and remotely. He also worked with our development team to gain an understanding of the software and learnt VB.NET and used Visual Studio in order to gain access to source code.

The project also involved data modeling using Microsoft Visio. Entity-Relationship diagrams were produced from an existing database structure. The process prompted improvements to the system. are extremely happy with the resulting documentation and I have no hesitation in affording Gordon the highest recommendation."

Brendan Maher, Group Technical Director, Group (,,,, and

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