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Customer Service

Tech-Docs has the flexibility and adaptability to offer technical documentation services that meet the needs of business and private clients to deliver high quality professional corporate and personal solutions.

By working closely with clients, Tech-Docs identifies and provides documentation products and solutions for every unique requirement.

Tech-Docs use the best practices to supply the complete professional technical documentation service to you.

..• A fast, efficient and enthusiastic documentation service tailored to your needs.
..• Management of timescales and quality control.
..• Prompt communication of progress and discussion of related issues.
..• Minimum use of your precious time and resources.
..• High level of professionalism and a high standard of service.

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Documentation Development Process

Tech-Docs is committed to developing clear, concise, complete and consistent writing that is user orientated and task focused.

The key element is the academic study and skilful practical application of the principles of the technical communication industry through our Documentation Development Process.

Using this methodology Tech-Docs successfully generates world-class product, service and task documentation. Hyperlink to Development Process page


Industry Standard Tools

The expertise of Tech-Docs has been developed through extensive experience with cutting edge applications and industry standard tools to provide a high quality professional service. Hyperlink to Industry Standard Tools page

Creative Solutions

Tech-Docs has the creative solutions to get your project off the ground fast, whatever your written technical communication needs.

Contact Tech-Docs with your enquiries. Hyperlink to Contact page


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